24x DVD Burners but Only 16x DVD’s?

Nov 19, 2011
Dr. Contradicto

24x DVD BurnerHas anyone else noticed? Originally I got suckered into spending the extra money on the then 20x DVD burner. At the time 16x write speed on DVDs was the “new speed”.

With the way technology increases almost exponentially, I was expecting 20x DVDs within the year. 4 years later the 16x DVDs are the max speed you can find. Of course in the four years I have invested in a 24x DVD burner (at a much lower price than the 20x counterpart) and even a Blu Ray burner.  But to my dismay, still no 20x, 22x or 24x DVDs. I get that “the quality lessens at a higher speed”, but why build and market a DVD burner at 24x if it can’t burn DVDs at 24x, 22x, 20x or even 18x? And don’t get me started on theoretical bandwidth speeds. That’s for another day.

Dr. Contradicto’s Diagnosis: Decreased Velocity Disease (DVD) brought on by 3rd burns.

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