Don’t Whiz on the Electric Car

Nov 14, 2011
Dr. Contradicto

So First things first…I would totally rock the electric car. So if anyone out there wants to hook me up just let me know…A Tesla Roadster would be nice.

Electric Cars are finally making a comeback after the death of the EV1. I still think it is funny that electric cars are considered Zero Emission.  Let’s contemplate the zero-ness of the emissions.

Pop-quiz! Electric cars run on what? A: Hopes and dreams:) Not necessarily, The obvious answer is electricity. I mean, how nice would it be just to plug your car in at home where you get your electricity from your friendly neighborhood electric company. And we all know that the electric company gets its power from hopes and dreams. Sorry, just reminiscing about the TV Show.

No, most power company’s get the electricity by creating an electric field by the rotation of a turbine with magnets around wire to create the an electromagnetic charge. This can be done in various ways, Hydro-electric (water spinning the turbines), Wind-powered (wind spinning the turbines – windmills), Solar (the sun’s radiation collecting in photoelectric cells), but the most common still in use are coal powered and Nuclear powered plants. The electricity from these sources are produced when the turbines are turned by steam. Unfortunately the bi-product of producing the steam is the pollutants of  carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide.

The above doesn’t even take into account the pollution it takes in production of the vehicle as well as tire pollution (the tire disintegrating as you drive, creating polluting particulates).

So the environmentally friendly electric car is dependent environmental enemy #1. Can’t have the “good” without the “evil” unless we get to the solution offered by Doc. Brown. Lightning power 🙂 Come on, get to it. Harness the power of lightning. The future lies in the passed, 1985 (or 1955) take your pick. “Remember, Remember the 5th of November”

Dr. Contradicto’s Diagnosis: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, brought on by years of Enviro-Mental pollution.

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