Not On Company Time

Nov 08, 2011
Dr. Contradicto

Stop reading this post on company time!Have you ever heard this: “Not on company time”, sometimes followed by “We’re not paying you to…”  Usually comes from your manager or boss in relation to you doing something personal on company time. From online banking, Facebook and Twitter updates to just daydreaming.

I get it trust me, BUT do I then get to submit a time clock request for all the frustration and stress I take home. Ask my wife, I come home and complain about the office for about an hour once I get home on MY TIME.  Not to mention the emails I read and sometimes feel obligated to reply “after hours”. If we are talking an extra five hours a week over the standard 40, do I get overtime pay?

Dr. Contradicto’s Personal Diagnosis: I’m a Workaholic. Prescription: take 2 Fuquitalls and sleep it off.

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