Paper or Plastic? or in other words: Kill a tree or a thousand years to biodegrade?

Nov 10, 2011
Dr. Contradicto

A few years ago, maybe 10 or so, paper bags  seemed to disappear from grocery and other stores. The logic being, paper bags “kill trees” and of course the other more pertinent; they cost to much to produce. Well much to the dismay of the environmentalists these so called “Tree Saving” plastic bags caused a much larger problem.

Comparison: A Paper Bag can break down in a month. Plastic Bags can take 20 to a thousand years to biodegrade. So kill the tree, or live with the plastic bags for the rest of your life.

Of course there was the thought that recycling plastic bags can remedy that problem. Now there are the reusable canvas bags, that are to be the savior to this environmental crisis. I particularly like the ones coated in a plastic 🙂

Dr. Contradicto’s Diagnosis: Enviro-Mental Disorder (EMD), brought on by the lack of  oxygen when you place a bag over your head to hide yourself from the world.     Remedy: Plastic Surgery.


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