Spam – Really? At least post something close to the subject matter

Nov 21, 2011
Dr. Contradicto

Does any one else really think spamming blogs and message boards is a good marketing tool? Sure you may get a few visits to your site and if you hit a board, blog or site that’s not moderated you may have a back link that affords you some SEO help. Hopefully you have ads or a good product or whats the point?

Not only is spam annoying it defeats the purpose if your posting something completely unrelated to the subject matter. Can someone tell me why you would post spam about a weight loss drug in the “Paper or Plastic…” post? At the very least you could use your imagination or creativity and make your comment relative to the originating post or at least comment accurately on the post and throw in your link.

If you really want a place to spam I’ll create a page specifically for you and you can have at it. It may be titled “I’m idiot and here is my spam” but hey I’m a team player. I also find it interesting that you found me on your own with out me spamming anything, and I’ve never heard of you. Food for thought my spammer friend.

Dr. Contradicto’s Diagnosis: Seriously Pathetic And Mindless (SPAM). Remedy: Use your free hand and grab a can of Hormel SPAM and hit it against your head until¬†unconscious.¬†

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