Obsessed Much – Twilight Moms?


  This is an obvious one…I won’t spend too much time on this one, just to say that I concur. 40 year

Thanksgiving Contradictions – Happy Thanksgiving!


  The following text is taken from kids.nationalgeographic.com: The Celebration One day that fall, four settlers were sent to hunt for food

Spam – Really? At least post something close to the subject matter


 Does any one else really think spamming blogs and message boards is a good marketing tool? Sure you may get a few

Would you like to donate to Goodwill? Wait I thought the $20 I spent today was good enough.


 First off, Goodwill is awesome. My Goodwill finds consist of: a Motorola Docsis 3 cable Modem for $9. Wireless N routers for

Side effects from reading this post can include: nausia, anal bleeding, thoughts of suicide and death


 Have you ever noticed that the some of the side effects of pharmaceuticals are worse than the symptoms they are supposed to

24x DVD Burners but Only 16x DVD’s?


 Has anyone else noticed? Originally I got suckered into spending the extra money on the then 20x DVD burner. At the time

Don’t Whiz on the Electric Car


  So First things first…I would totally rock the electric car. So if anyone out there wants to hook me up just

Paper or Plastic? or in other words: Kill a tree or a thousand years to biodegrade?


  A few years ago, maybe 10 or so, paper bags  seemed to disappear from grocery and other stores. The logic being, paper

Not On Company Time


 Have you ever heard this: “Not on company time”, sometimes followed by “We’re not paying you to…”  Usually comes from your manager

Government Regulation Disorder – Nursing Homes or Prisons?


 If you haven’t done so, read the above image. Take it it, ingest some of the irony. Don’t inhale too much, you